Healthcare Logistics Challenges:

The vast majority of hospitals rely on the purchase order process, and the reconciliation of purchase orders, when packages arrive at the hospital. This process is tedious, time consuming and is often inaccurate. Other common logistics challenges for hospitals include:

  • Multiple points of entry (materials management, the loading dock, the mailroom, etc.)
  • Multiple types of inbound packages (individual specific, department specific, supplies)
  • Different departments have set their own policies and standards for shipping, making it difficult to enforce to achieve consistency and cost savings
  • Reporting on shipments from multiple carriers is very time consuming
  • Shipping non-regulated chemicals and regulated hazardous materials requires strict adherence to transportation regulations to help protect you from liability.

Hazmat Shipping


Organizing the inbound management of packages, or chain of custody, is the single biggest opportunity for hospitals to manage costs and keep the vendors accountable for “short” or back-ordered shipments. This is where Neopost has hospitals covered. 

Additionally, Neopost delivers unmatched shipping solutions to leading global healthcare providers adhering to customer demands and industry regulations. Neopost's ProShip, for example, generates all documents necessary for hazmat shipping and is designed to comply with all government and carrier regulations.


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Success Story


We were able to implement a major quality improvement when we went to SAP and ProShip." Brian McDonough, Operations Manager, PerkinElmer


ProShip Delivers Hazmat Compliance and SAP Integration for PerkinElmer


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