ProShip Automates International Shipping for Online Retailer

Since ProShip was introduced to the TigerDirect warehouse, 90 percent of our shipments have become completely automated.” 

E-commerce has made business easier for companies throughout the world; however, for companies shipping their own products, it has done the exact opposite. The ability to ship globally is a key component in a company’s success, but with it comes a variety of challenges. Online retailer TigerDirect can attest to this as they continuously seek ways to meet new demands and satisfy customers on an international level.

“It was all having to be done by hand,” said Greg Wiltse, TigerDirect’s Director of Warehouse IT. “Less than 10 years ago, TigerDirect would manually complete 12,000 to 14,000 shipments per day, with 6 to 8 percent of those being international.” Given the magnitude of these shipments, cost, efficiency and on-time delivery became a challenge.

For example, in the past TigerDirect shipped internationally to Canada with United States Postal Service® (USPS) World Ease and the packages could not be cleared independently, but rather as a load by hand. This extensive process required all packages be kept together with the supporting paperwork and then inspected thoroughly by the post office. TigerDirect knew they had to find a more efficient manner to handle international shipping in order to keep up with the increasing demand.


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