The Simple, Powerful Choice for Online Shipping

Compliance Made Easy

Ensure full IM®pb compliance from the USPS® for all your package shipping requirements.

NeoShip by Neopost


Skip the Post Office Altogether


Save time by eliminating trips to the post office. With NeoShip you have one-stop processing for mail-pieces and packages.


Gain Visibility


Obtain a complete view online of all your shipments and stay informed by tracking each package as it travels to its destination.


Guarantee Savings


Experience significant discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ by having access to Commercial Base Pricing. 


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The Simplest Way to Create USPS® Compliant Shipping Labels


NeoShip screen grab


  1. Choose a package type and weigh your item
  2. Enter the shipping address
  3. Choose delivery date, rate and USPS® Extra Services
  4. Print shipping label and affix to the package




NeoShip PLUS
Eliminate Manual Entry of Addresses 
Save time and avoid errors attributed to manual entry. Import up to 10,000 addresses to the Public Address Book and up to 1,000 addresses to the Private Address Book, per user.

Obtain and Store USPS Proof of Delivery Letter 
The Postal Service retains delivery data for each shipment, with associated signature and address images, when Extra Services options are applied. The proof of delivery letter is stored and available for viewing and printing.

Maximize Your Desktop Shipping Solution 
Couple a USB scale and thermal label printer with your laptop or desktop computer, and you never have to leave your desk to ship a package.

Manage User Roles and Privileges 
Assign roles and control a user’s level of access to the system's functionality based on the role’s definition.



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Using NeoShip is easier than putting frosting on cake. I have never been happier."

Jennifer McRae, Mailroom Coordinator at Vitamix.